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20 Jan 2020

Tanggamus Regent Participates in the Read Me a Book Indonesia Campaign

Tanggamus, Lampung - "Take garlic as an example," exclaimed Abi, a kindergarten student, after Tanggamus Regent, Dewi Handajani, read the story of “Bawang Merah Bawang Putih”. Regent Dewi read the story in front of hundreds of kindergarten and elementary school students in Tanggamus Regency while participating in the Read Me a Book campaign on Monday (1/20). Tanggamus Regency is the opening region of Read me a Book 2020 campaign.

In addition to the Tanggamus Regent, the Director of the National Library also participated in story reading. This time the legend titled “Suroboyo” which contains the origin of Surabaya name.

The story begins by telling about the friendship relationship between the Sura fish which means shark and Baya which means crocodile. There is always injustice in their daily lives. Tired of hostility, finally they agreed to get along well by dividing the area while looking for food.

However, peace seems difficult to create. They often fight.

"Well, fighting is good or not?" asked the Director of the National Library.

"Nope." the children answered in unison.

The presence of the Tanggamus Regency Police Chief, Hesmu Baroto, and Military District Commander (Dandim), Arman Aris Sallo, added to the excitement of the Read me a Book Indonesia campaign.

Reporter: Eka Cahyani

Photographer: Hartoyo Darmawan

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