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20 Jan 2020

Tanggamus Regent Adds a Row of Regional Literacy Mother

Tanggamus, Lampung - "You may have infinite treasures, heaps of gold and gems. I will never be richer than you. But, I have a mother who reads a book to me." The quote from Strickland Gillilan became the closing message of Tanggamus Regent, Dewi Handajani, shortly after she was confirmed as Literacy Mother for the 2020-2023 period by the Director of National Library, Muhammad Syarif Bando, based on the Decree of Tanggamus Regent No. b.56 / 34/08/2020 dated January 13, 2020. At the same time, Tanggamus Regency was also declared as a literacy regency, on Monday (1/20).

Regent Dewi conveyed that Tanggamus Regency has been carrying out literacy activities for a number of years. Even once received a national award. Dewi believes that any progress will not be optimal if it is not supported by human resources who are able to be flexible and adaptive to the progress of the times. "The reliable human resources must be cultured in reading fondness. How we create quality human resources starts from the reading fondness," said Dewi.

On the occasion, Dewi conveyed hope for the National Library so that Tanggamus Regency received Special Allocation Funds (DAK) assistance for a library building construction and a mobile library car unit in order to achieve regency goals.

Other program that is driven by Tanggamus Regency to succeed as literacy regency is to promote the "One Book of One State Civil Apparatus (ASN) Movement". In addition to the "Tanggamus Storytelling" program which is held every Saturday afternoon.

The launching of Tanggamus Regency as literacy regency is supported by 20 sub-districts within the Tanggamus Regency by signing the commitment sheet.

Reporter: Eka Cahyani

Photographer: Hartoyo Darmawan

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