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23 Jan 2020

Prime Secretariat Technical Work Meeting, Prime Secretary (Sestama): "Unreached Targets Become Priorities in 2020"

Salemba, Jakarta - The availability of competent State Civil Apparatus (ASN), the optimal management of the National Library budget and the effective and efficient implementation of the National Library bureaucracy, become the strategic plan (renstra) target of 2015-2019 said by the Head of General Bureau, Joko Budi Santoso in the Technical Work Meeting (Rakernis) of Prime Secretariat, at Salemba Theater, Thursday (1/23).

"This year, one of the agenda in the employment department is the selection of Candidates for the State Civil Apparatus, which will be carried out by SKD test starting February 18, in four cities namely Jakarta, Padang, Makassar and Yogyakarta. This year we recruited 57 employees," he explained.

Meanwhile, Head of the Legal and Planning Bureau, Joko Santoso conveyed the success achieved by the Law and Planning Bureau that is library activities are included in the National Priority activities namely strengthening literacy for welfare, while also being included in the National Medium Term Development Plan (RPJMN) of 2020 through strengthening literacy culture, innovation and creativity program.

"In 2019, the National Library will get a Special Allocation Funds or DAK for a physical allocation of 300 billion, and in 2020 we get 450 billion. The special allocation funds is expected to improve library services, especially regional libraries," he explained. 

Responding to this matter, Prime Secretary, Sri Sumekar, appreciated the performance of the General Bureau, the Planning and Legal Bureau, and the Inspectorate that were carried out in 2019. She hopes that the targets which have not been achieved in 2019 can become priorities in 2020.

"One of them is in realizing the competent and professional ASN of National Library, which problem is the lack of competency development. So there needs to be a solution such as a proposed competency development activity. In addition, sustainable programs or activities must be prioritized in the renstra of 2020-2024," she explained.

As known, the technical work meeting is held to strengthen the work plan that will be carried out in 2020, as well as to prepare a renstra for 2020-2024.

Reporter: Wara Merdekawati

Photographer: Hartoyo Darmawan

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