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23 Jan 2020

MOU of the National Library with Indonesian Reading Ambassador (DBI): Libraries Need Librarians that Related to the Era

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta - National Library of Indonesia with the Indonesian Reading Ambassador (DBI) Najwa Shihab signs the new cooperation agreement (Memorandum of Understanding/MoU) at Theater of the Library Service Building on Thursday (1/23). The MOU is the fifth year of her appointment as Indonesian Reading Ambassador (2016-2020). The seriousness of Najwa Shihab as Reading Ambassado is able to increase the reading fondness number of Indonesian society.

"The status of Reading Ambassador is always attached when I visit anywhere. From a dozen regional points that I visited, I always found a number of various problems and challenges. However, there is a line of similarity when talking about books. This means that book is able to be a connector for all differences," said Najwa after the signing of the MOU.

There is one other thing that also serves as a connecting bridge when it comes to books, namely literacy. In fact, literacy has now entered into the public discourse space. Literacy started from people's curiosity due to the confusion of the circulating information.

The re-branding of library image cannot be separated from the existence of librarians. So it is very important in this era that librarians must be filled with young people who related to all science and technology and era development dynamics.  

Nana, as the nickname of Najwa Shihab, added that there were at least three historical events in the struggle of the Indonesian nation where young people were involved. First is Sumpah Pemuda. Long before the proclamation was read, young people from all over Indonesia had merged themselves in one agreement. Second, it was the Rengasdengklok incident before the proclamation was read by Soekarno-Hatta. And third is the incident of year 98, where young people together united to bring down a regime that has been running for 32 years.

"This nation needs young people. They have strength, energy, time, study, and struggle to fail. Dare to do trial and error. Have a passion to learn. Strong in technology mastering; and library is very important to support young people," added Najwa.

Reporter: Hartoyo Darmawan

Photographer: Adit 

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