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22 Jan 2020

Prime Secretariat Technical Work Meeting, Director of the National Library: Prime Secretariat is the Heart of the Institution

Salemba, Jakarta - Not just acting as a support, the Prime Secretariat within National Library is the heart of the institution to ensure that the impact of basic tasks and functions is realized. As stated by the Director of the National Library, Muhammad Syarif Bando when giving direction at Prime Secretariat Technical Work Meeting in Salemba Theater, Wednesday (1/22).

"The Prime Secretariat or Sestama is the heart, the institution's machine to realize the implementation of activities in the National Library. Actually the technical implementation in the deputy is precisely what will support which are desired by an institution and it is all overseen by the prime Secretariat," he said.

As an institutional machine, Sestama unit controls other components. Sestama can reprimand the Deputy if the performance is not as planned. As a planner, there are three components in it namely 3M which consists of Man, Money and Material.

"Sestama has a very substantial role. Talking about HR is already a big task of the Prime Secretariat. The budget needs as well as the work infrastructure needed by all units are also the tasks of Sestama," he explained.

Meanwhile, according to the Chairman of the Prime Secretariat Technical Work Meeting Committee, Joko Santoso, 2020 is a very critical year, because it is the beginning for the implementation of the National Medium Term Development Plan (RPJMN) for 2020-2024. Moreover, the library construction was included in one of the national priority programs for building a mental revolution culture.

"The National Library carries the national priority of literacy culture, innovation and creativity. Regarding this matter, the Prime Secretariat has a great burden, namely to support all interests both technically and substantially within the Deputy of Library Material Development and Information Services Field and the Deputy of Library Resources Development to be carried out properly," he explained.

Furthermore, this Head of the Legal and Planning Bureau said the Prime Secretariat Technical Work Meeting in addition to describe the work plan for 2020, an evaluation of the strategic plan achievements (renstra) in 2015-2019 is also needed, the evaluation is based on three things. Among them are evaluation of processes, implementation and outputs that have been carried out, and concerning policies between the suitability of policy issues.

"There is a saying; good planning will be one of the main supporting elements in supporting the success of a program or activity. In these two days, we will establish a work plan for 2020 and support the National Library renstra for 2020-2024," he concluded.

Reporter: Wara Merdekawati

Photographer: Hartoyo Darmawan

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