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15 Jan 2020

The National Library Librarians Attends the Technical Training of Read Aloud Method

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta - The Read Aloud method or reading aloud and clear is very good to be introduced to early childhood. The method is believed to be able to stimulate the brain development of children. This was conveyed by the literacy activist, Rossie Setiawan, when giving technical training to librarians in a series of Read Me a Book campaign at National Library, Wednesday (1/15).

Rossie explains the read aloud method teach children that reading a book is fun. Read aloud is good for children from the early age like 0 month, it can even be done in the last tri semester of pregnancy, because this can increase the child's vocabulary.

"Even though, the vocabulary is not yet felt necessary to be heard. However, it is very good to do it early even in the last tri semester of pregnancy, because the hearing function has begun to be perfect. When the vocabulary is added finally the child can speak using spoken language, after that read and write. It is impossible to write if there is only a little vocabulary. So, when you have children, talk to them," said translator of the book 'The Read-Aloud Handbook' by Jim Trelease.

He explained, when reading aloud and clearly, there are six early age literacy skills, including narrative skill or the ability to retell. Communicating using spoken language, letter knowledge, phoneme awareness, namely the smallest sound unit so that children can hear which contains meaning, learning to recite because the speech organs must be trained to be able to speak, is motivated when looking at books, vocabulary. And this can be obtained by children when read out by the read aloud method.

"Reading aloud is not completing a book, but enjoying the process of reading aloud. The process, namely we must be ready to ask and accept questions from children. Read aloud gives children the opportunity to ask questions, think critically," he explained.

On this occasion, the National Library librarians tried to practice the read aloud method, by reading children's books that had been provided by the committee. As known, this activity is a series of the Read Me a Book Campaign held in collaboration between the National Library with the National for Children and Young Adults (NLCY) of South Korea. This campaign will take place from January 15 to April 23, 2020.

Reporter: Wara Merdekawati

Photographer: Hartoyo Darmawan

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