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02 Dec 2019

National Library Launches 150 Books on Ancient Manuscripts


Salemba, Jakarta - National Library of Indonesia launched books of transliteration, translation, adaptation, and researches on ancient manuscripts. A total of 150 books launched this time are based on Indonesian archipelago manuscript and are divided into 4 categories, namely transliteration, translation, adaptation, and researches on ancient manuscripts.


The book launching in collaboration with Indonesian Archipelago Manuscript Community (Manassa) was held at National Library Theatre Room, Jl. Salemba Raya No. 28A, Central Jakarta, on Monday (12/12/2019). The launch was filled with discussion that presented 10 speakers who were representatives of book authors.

In his remarks, Director of National Library of Indonesia Muhammad Syarif Bando stated that library is an institution of civilisation that talks about thousands of years ago, today, and also millions of years to come. He also rejected the statement that Indonesian people have a low reading culture, when in fact Indonesia itself is a country that has the most characters in the world.

Meanwhile, Chairman of Manassa Munawir Holil explained that these 150 books were the result of selection from hundreds of books. "This activity is, as I remember, has never happened in Indonesia. Publishing only one book title per year is a very rare activity in the context of archipelago manuscript-based book publishing, let alone today 150 books will be launched,” he said.

Ceremonial activity was carried out with symbolic handover of books from the author to National Library. The details of the books published by National Library are as follows: 65 titles from transliteration, 35 titles from translation, 20 titles from adaptation, and 30 titles from researches.

With the launching of these books, it is expected that the results of transliteration, translation, and also adaptation activities will be able to be informed and disseminated to the public in order to preserve one of nation's cultural products, namely archipelago ancient manuscripts.



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