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02 Dec 2019

Director of National Library Presides Open Assembly of Senior Librarian Inauguration

Salemba, Jakarta – Director of National Library, Muhammad Syarif Bando was the Chairperson of Inauguration Assembly in Senior Librarian Open Assembly, namely Titiek Kismiyati (National Library of the Republic of Indonesia) and Sudjono held at Hall of National Library of Indonesia, Salemba, Monday (02/12).

In her inaugural speech, Titiek Kismiyati took the theme National Data Repository: New Challenges in Library Collection Development. In her opinion, data has become an interesting topic in the world of information and libraries. Now data is seen as one of other sources that can complement library collection. On the one hand, data can be used as a source of information that can help knowledge development through research, but data is also a source that can be processed into information.

"Building a data repository is something that will become a new milestone at National Library, but this is in line with what is happening, where data has become an important part of life process and data has become community needs just as information," she said.

Furthermore, Titiek explained, to build a national data repository, it would require several steps to be carried out by National Library. Among them are, it is necessary to prepare data management tools or data repository applications, libraries prepare data sources to be provided in data repositories, and datasets generated by researchers and submitted to libraries can be processed into new data or information.

"Building data repositories is in line with library's mission as medium that can enlighten the nation. I am sure National Library can be the initiator for the establishment of national data centre or data repository. Data varies in format, but what is important is how people can understand and read so that it can benefit the community, " she explained.

Meanwhile, in his inaugural address, Sudjono took the theme Innovation of Libraries and Librarians’ Role in Fostering Community Reading Interest in the Millennial Era. In his opinion, to realise community with reading culture, efforts to foster reading interest are carried out continuously through various channels. "This effort will succeed if carried out together through family, school, library, community and government channels," said former Acting Regent of Nganjuk.




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