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09 Jan 2020

Manuscript Discussion: Kabuyutan dan Keutamaan Sanghyang Siksa Kandang Karesian Ancient Sundanese Text in Two Writing Media

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta-National Library held a discussion related to the Ancient Sundanese Text of Sanghyang Siksa Kandang Karesian at the Mini Theater of National Library of the Republic of Indonesia, Thursday (1/9). Sanghyang Siksa Kandang Karesian is an ancient Sundanese text in the form of didactic prose which discusses the rules or teachings about wise living based on darma. The contents are encyclopedic, giving an overview of the general moral guidelines for social life at that time.

The event which was attended by 35 participants from various connoisseurs of ancient manuscripts presented the speaker Ilham Nurhamsah, author of the book "Siksa Kandang Karesian: teks dan terjemahan".

The National Library itself keeps two manuscripts of Sanghyang Siksa Kandang Karesian as collections. Both of these manuscripts were written using 2 different media, namely gebang and lontar.

Due to the privilege of its contents, Sanghyang Siksa Kandang Karesian was proposed as one of the UNESCO Memory of the World (MoW) nominations at the end of 2019. It is hoped that the holding of discussions related to ancient manuscripts will ignite the desire of philologists, especially the young generation, to further explore the hidden treasure of Sanghyang Siksa Kandang Karesian.

Reporter and Photographer: Eka Purniawati

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