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03 Dec 2019

Vice Governor Emil Dreams of Open Library for Collaboration Space

Surabaya, East Java - Amid the onslaught of digital technology, libraries must survive. In various countries that are developed in education, it puts libraries as buildings of which to be proud. Libraries in the future should provide more space for collaboration.

This was expressed by Vice Governor of East Java Emil Elestianto Dardak when briefing 1,000 participants of National Peer Learning Meeting of Social Inclusion-based Library Transformation ‘Literacy for Welfare’ in Surabaya on Tuesday night, (3/12).

"Human nature is a social creature so that open space gives birth to collaboration," said Emil craving library concept in the future.

Social inclusion no longer emphasises librarians taking care of books but community involvement. "Be a humanist librarian. Not just a knowledge collection. But a knowledge organiser," said the Vice Governor of East Java.

Vice Governor Emil acknowledged that the problem of literacy could not be handled by National Library alone or library offices in provinces, districts / municipalities. "But National Library and regional library services can be literacy activists," concluded Emil Dardak.



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