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03 Dec 2019

Literacy Strengthening Helps Reduce Poverty

Surabaya, East Java - Central Statistics Agency released data that poverty in Indonesia fell to the lowest level in March 2018, 9.82%. That is, as many as 25.95 million people in Indonesia are classified as poor. One of the efforts made to help reduce poverty is through strengthening literacy.

Literacy is a right and provides tangible benefits, obtained through school education and adult literacy, such as building self-esteem and empowerment.

In East Java there are still a number of regencies with low Human Development Index. "In my opinion, skill-based literacy is the key. In addition, intervention can also be carried out by government. Without government intervention, the community will not want to move," Arumi said in front of National Peer Learning Meeting of Social Inclusion-based Transformation Library participants on Tuesday night, (3 / 12).

Arumi who is also Reading Mother in East Java also supports Social Inclusion-based Library Transformation programme. Expansion of library transformation to village is also an effort to expand the programme and bring access to information so that it is able to facilitate the needs of the community and become the centre of connected community activities so that learning processes that encourage the creation of positive and productive innovation and creativity may occur.

"Peer Learning Meeting is expected to strengthen the role of libraries in improving the quality of Indonesian human resources through enhancing literacy capabilities that increase community creativity and reduce poverty in access to information.




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