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14 Dec 2019

National Library Transmits Reading Virus through Digital Literacy with Najwa Shihab

Palembang, South Sumatra - Reading virus can be transmitted through digital literacy movement. In order to be capable of using technology, especially gadgets, one must have the ability to process information. Because actually, literacy is not just being able to read and write.

"Many people are mistaken, even though literacy is processing information for life skills. Therefore, digital literacy is our ability to process information and use it to improve quality of life," explained Najwa Shihab.

This was conveyed by Najwa in a talk show " Gerakan Literasi Digital Provinsi Sumatera Selatan” held at OPI Mal Jakabaring, Palembang, South Sumatra, on Friday (13/12/2019). Present as speakers at Indonesian Reading Ambassador talk show, Najwa Shihab, Deputy of Library Resources Development of National Library Woro Titi Haryanti, South Sumatra Literacy Ambassador Percha Leanpuri, and Head of of South Sumatra Library Office Mislena. Also present at this event, Assistant III of Administration and General of South Sumatra Regional Secretariat Edwar Juliartha.

Community reading interest can be built through the attractive "face" of library. Therefore, Najwa appealed to libraries and librarians in South Sumatra to make libraries as centres of community activities in gaining knowledge and skills. Regional library must be an open space for people and not just government’s ivory tower.

"Library should be garden of imagination so that people can meet great figures, library must be open, therefore the library should be a discussion room, fun, made interesting, invite students, invite literacy activists who actively hold events to love children, to love literacy. Do not make library as a state property and use existing information technology to get closer to the community," explained the founder of TV Narration to the participants who were students.

Deputy Woro appreciated South Sumatra Provincial Government's policy of encouraging literacy development and socialising reading interest. National Library programme titled social inclusion-based library service transformation has been replicated by many village / kelurahan libraries in South Sumatra, reading corners, and mobile library car assistance.

With complete facilities, regional library must play an active role in getting the community to use library. "Now everything is there, but what if it's not used? If people cannot come to the library, library will come to them in a mobile library car. Therefore, let's use library," Deputy Woro said.

Meanwhile, Percha Leanpuri stated that in 2020, South Sumatra Provincial Government through regional library will build a modern and complete library. In addition, 100 reading corners will be built to compensate for village libraries having not been running optimally. "The reading corner will be synchronised with Communication and Information Service programme namely village internet, so the reading corner will be put together with village internet," said this DPR member.

The recipient of Nugra Jasadarma Pustaloka 2019 award explained that reading a lot is a way to achieve goals. She claimed after reading a book, she loves politics even more. To foster reading interest among young people, Percha invites young people to read books and have ideals. "If we depart from ideals, we will grow in the spirit to pursue that. We will try to get the knowledge and abilities as desired," she explained.

After the talk show, the speakers inaugurated OPI Corner Corner Jakabaring Mall. The reading corner is equipped with a reading room, an interesting book collection, and its location is right at the main entrance.





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