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11 Dec 2019

Communities in Five Villages of Sigi Regency Benefit from Social-Inclusion Based Library Transformation

Salemba, Jakarta - As many as five villages in Sigi Regency have received social inclusion-based library transformation programme assistance in 2019, Sigi Regency Library and Archive Service expected that in 2020 other villages in the region would also receive assistance from the programme. This was stated by Head of Sigi Regency Library and Archives Office, Muin Mursalim during a work visit to National Library, Salemba, Wednesday (11/12).

"For people who got the assistance from the programme, they can already feel the benefits. Our regent also responded and supported village library development. Because this is part of the strengthening to discover the potential of the village, which in turn can improve community welfare, "he said.

Furthermore, Muin hoped that in 2020 his region would also receive assistance from the programme. "Moreover, this time we brought along with us heads of sub-district and villages who received assistance. We deliberately invited them, so that they are even more enthusiastic about developing village libraries in their regions. We also hope that in 2020, Sigi Regency will get this programme again," he added.

Representative from Sigi Regency Community and Village Empowerment Agency, Ajusiar Muhammad Amin, said that his party collaborated with local library service office to develop and improve village library through village fund. "Even in the past two years, we have always followed up on Permendes in managing the priority of village fund. One of the points is development priority to improve the quality of community access to village library," he explained.

Meanwhile, Head of Library Development and Reading Interest Study Centre, Deni Kurniadi said, in implementing social inclusion-based library programme, it requires stakeholder synergy. One of them is in collaboration with Ministry of Villages, Disadvantaged Regions and Transmigration.

"This programme does not run alone but requires collaboration with relevant stakeholders. Together with Ministry of Villages, Disadvantaged Regions and Transmigration we also encourage that in managing village fund, library can become priority. This social inclusion-based library transformation not only educates the community but also benefits the community through various concrete programmes, such as training and facilitation from facilitators," he explained.



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