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29 Nov 2019

Ceremony of the 48th KORPRI Day Commemoration, State Civil Apparatus (ASN) are Asked to Work Fast, Creative and Innovative

Salemba, Jakarta - The National Library of Indonesia held a ceremony in commemorating the 48th KORPRI Day. The National Library Inspector, Darmadi, who acted as a ceremonial supervisor conveyed, through commemoration of KORPRI Day, ASN were asked to be ready to face the industrial revolution 4.0 era which had disrupted all lines of life, not only in the way of communicating but also in managing the government.

"In dealing with these changes, new breakthroughs must be made. Speed, creativity and innovation are keys. The old, monotonous, uncompetitive ways cannot be continued anymore. We must be faster and better than other countries," said Darmadi while reading remarks from Indonesian President, Joko Widodo, in the Salemba National Library parking lot, Jakarta, Friday (11/29).

Therefore, Indonesian President, Joko Widodo, invited all members of KORPRI to take the path of change, carry out reform in a sustainable manner. Among them, bureaucracy must change; there is no longer old mindset, no more routine work and no more linear work.

"We must build new values at work, quickly adapt to change. By continuously finding breakthroughs and doing innovations. Convoluted and difficult services must be cut off. To think that speed of service is the key to bureaucratic reform," he explained.

In addition, with technological advances, the way of how bureaucracy works must also change. Technological innovations must be able to simplify rather than complicate the work. Technological advances are an instrument to speed up the problem solving.

In the ceremony of the 48th KORPRI day commemoration, also awarded the Best Service Librarian Award in 2019. Recipients of the award, including 1st Place Atis Taufik Abdul Rahman, 2nd Place Sri Rejeki, 3rd Place Rifa Fadilah. Whereas the 1st Contender C. Juli Odor Br. Nainggolan, 2nd Contender R. Sapto Puji Raharjo, 3rd Contender Agung Dwi Setyo Nurcahyo.

Reporter: Wara Merdekawati

Photographher: Ranny Kusumawardani

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