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29 Nov 2019

Fostering Reading Interest in Probolinggo City

Salemba, Jakarta - The Head of Probolinggo DPRD and his staffs visited National Library of Indonesia on Friday (11/29) to discuss on how to develop infrastructure that supports library, including collections. Probolinggo City has a desire to foster the library appeal that can increase public reading interest. Because Probolinggo City only has 5 districts and 29 sub-districts, the local government wants to develop library effectively and efficiently in accordance with the real conditions in Probolinggo City.

Probolinggo City has a regional library and several reading parks in each district. However, there are many things that become factors of the lack of public reading interest, one of which is the use of smartphones among teenagers that makes the existence of library decreased with the times.

"However, the library must be able to arouse passion and interest in reading, especially for young generation," said Mokhammad Jalal, Head of the Commission I Probolinggo DPRD. He also hoped students would upload their essay, thesis, or dissertation that they had completed in the online journal of the regional library so that it could be used for the next generation.

The Head of Training and Education Center of the National Library, Widiyanto, responded by explaining that in order to arouse public interest in reading, the government must be agreed that library is the institution that can educate public.

"If it is said that public reading interest is low, I disagree, because this is caused by the unavailability of reading sources. Now is about how to liven up the library," said Widiyanto. He also explained that if in the past library was only used as a place to store books; from now on the government must improve the human resources competence to promote the library existence.

"There is a lot of homework that must be done by the Probolinggo City government if you want to liven up library as a place to educate the public. The first thing that can be done is to make a local regulation regarding library. Then secondly, liven up the library with facilities that are comfortable for the public. Third, increase and update the library collections. The last is promoting the library so that the wider community knows about its existence. And prepare the head of library service office of someone who has an interest in the library field," he added.

Widiyanto hopes that with this visit, Probolinggo City Government can develop and improve the quality of library as a legacy for the nation's next generation.

Reporter: Vara Nur Isna

Photographer: Ranny Kusumawardhani

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