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29 Nov 2019

Acting Regent of Mojokerto Asks Every Village to Build Mini Library

Mojokerto, East Java - Mojokerto Regency is known in history as location of the Majapahit Kingdom. The most famous cultural heritage of Majapahit is Negarakertagama which is now recognized as Memory of the World (MoW). Unfortunately, historical writings about Majapahit superiority are so difficult to obtain. In fact, most of what are circulating is writing that tells about the fall or defeat of Majapahit.

This complaint was conveyed by the Acting Regent of Mojokerto, Pungkasiadi, when opening a library management talk show in the district pavilion on Friday (11/29).

"Like Rambo film. Despite the fact that the United States lost the war, but the figure of Rambo is able to play around the fact that his people are more superior. Great in battle even though, he is alone. The writers should too. Write something that contains the content of enthusiasm, motivating. This is what we do now. Move together. Even, right now, all regional leaders coordination forum (forkopimda) is writing about corruption eradication," said Pungkasiadi.

Related to library development, Mojokerto Regency Government has asked every village to budget the APBDesa to establish a mini library.

"The challenge of library in facing the industrial era 4.0, in addition to increase the capacity of human resources, is also the infrastructure of library that adequate the needs of users. Integrity of digital technology is very necessary for the affordability and availability of collections. And the most important thing to understand is that library is not just center of information but also must be the center of innovation and recreation of knowledge," concluded Acting Regent of Mojokerto.

Reporter: Hartoyo Darmawan

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