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29 Nov 2019

Director of National Library: The Essence of Independence is Not a about Declaration but the Science Abilities

Mojokerto, East Java - The essence of independence is not just about reading the declaration but equipping public with science abilities. The library paradigm is no longer managing collections, but rather the ability to manage knowledge. If library not able to change the community welfare for the better, over time the library existence will be left behind.

This affirmation was conveyed by the Director of National Library, Muhammad Syarif Bando, at a talk show on library management and the inauguration of Mojokerto Regency Reading Mother which was held in the regency pavilion on Friday (11/29).

Mojokerto Regency is certainly proud because in this area the Majapahit Kingdom stood and undergoes its golden period. Negarakertagama's cultural heritage and the phenomenal figure of Mahapatih Gajah Mada are very well known in the world.

However, Majapahit superiority in the past could be repeated again. This means that Mojokerto Regency has to start creating a new great Gajah Mada figure and known worldwide. And reading becomes one of the foundations for achieving that success again.

"It is not impossible that Indonesia will reach the peak of success and glory if we are all able to lay the foundation of reading well," said the Director of National Library in front of hundreds of talk show participants.

The ability of someone’s literacy can be seen from how often their reading activity. Reading is also not only able to spell letters, write word for word, or memorize sentences. The context is very different when reading through internet and books. Reading on the internet is like surfing in the sea, oscillating because there is so much information that has not been validated. However, this is not the case with reading through books. Reading a book directly bring certain emotional side, so that even though the internet is everywhere, book remains irreplaceable.

On the same occasion, witnessed by the Reading Mother of East Java Province, Arumi Bachsin, Director of the National Library of Indonesia inaugurated the Acting Regent of Mojokerto’s wife, Yayuk Ismawati, as the Reading Mother. The presence of the reading mother is expected to be a motivator, a role model for the development of reading culture in Mojokerto.

Reading Mother has role and responsibility for the quality of the generation. The Comprehension of literacy must be adapted to the civilization and development of the times. "If this can be well understood, qualified human resources can encourage the Human Development Index (HDI). Indonesia will move up from developing country to developed country," advised the Reading Mother, Arumi Bachsin.

Reporter: Hartoyo Darmawan

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