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05 Dec 2019

Literacy Strengthening is One of Government’s Priority Programmes

Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan - Literacy development in order to enhance people's insights must be done and digital literacy can be used to suppress the rate of information containing lies (hoaxes). Strengthening literacy and reading movement has become one of government's priority programmes to reduce poverty.

This was conveyed by Indonesian Reading Ambassador Najwa Shihab during talk show with Indonesian Reading Ambassador Najwa Shihab with theme Digital Literacy at Hall of Library and Archives Office of South Kalimantan Province, on Thursday (5/12).

"Indonesian people are very happy to socialise and chat. Therefore, we must be aware so as not to be deceived by technology. "There are so many things to do with technology. For example, National Library has an application that allows you to download books for free, iPusnas," explained the founder of Narasi TV.

Digital literacy is not only the ability to operate technology, but also the ability to use it in an effort to improve the quality of life because there are many ways that can be implemented to obtain information and data.

Meanwhile, South Kalimantan Deputy Governor Rudy Resnawan expressed his appreciation for the collaboration established by National Library and the South Kalimantan Library and Archives Service Office. The enthusiasm was amazing.

The amount of confusing information on the internet has negative impact that is not small. This must be anticipated. "We must be able to make people smart with technological advancements, so that one day they will not be consumed by irresponsible issues," Vice Governor Rudy explained.

Another thing stressed by Prime Secretary of National Library of Sri Sumekar. "There are four aspects of literacy that must be understood by the community. First, the ability to gather information from sources of reading material. Second, the ability to understand what is implied and written. Third, the ability to produce ideas, new creativities. And fourth, the ability to create products and services," explained Sestama.




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