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05 Dec 2019

East Flores Regency Asks for DAK to Build Library

Salemba, Jakarta - East Flores Regency Government needs a library building to perform its service functions to the maximum. At present, reading and collection rooms of East Flores Regency Library are inadequate. In addition, reading and collection rooms are separated from office space by a distance of about one kilometre, that it disturbs mobility between employees.

In order to realise this, Regional Secretary of East Flores Regency Paulus Igo Geroda along with Head of East Flores Regency Library and Archives Office and his staff visited National Library. Paulus Igo stated that it was difficult to build library building using regional budget. The reason is that the majority of budget in the easternmost district of Flores Island is used up for salary and operational costs of parliament members.

This was conveyed by Paulus Igo when he was received by Head of Legal Affairs and Planning Bureau Joko Santoso, Head of Collection Development and Library Materials Processing Centre Upriyadi, Head of General Bureau Joko Budi Santoso and related officials at National Library Meeting Room, Jl. Salemba Raya No. 28A, Jakarta on Thursday (5/12/2019).

Answering the need of East Flores Regency government, Joko Santoso stated that library development can be carried out by submitting physical Special Allocation Fund (DAK) of library field proposal for 2021. The reason is, Joko explained, recipients of physical DAK of library field in 2020 have been set this year.

Regions are asked to ensure proposals and supporting data are complete when submitting them. DAK recipient assessment will be conducted by National Library, Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Finance, and Bappenas in April or May.

Joko Santoso asserted that there are several things that needed to be prepared, especially providing a land area of ​​2 thousand square metres and land certificate. In addition, Detailed Engineering Design (DED) must certainly reflect public services, space for community expression, and reflect local wisdom.

Head of Planning Division Adin Bondar stated that currently National Library has social inclusion-based library transformation programme. Therefore, it is certain that DED must accommodate this programme. "Transforming libraries based on social inclusion where people can gather, learn contextually, and improve skills. If the design really has these elements, then the value is high," explained Adin Bondar.

Paulus Igo stated that he had completed all the required documents. He expected to receive DAK on library building construction in 2021. In 2020, there are two regencies in East Nusa Tenggara that accept library building construction, namely Nagekeo Regency and Lembata Regency.



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