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06 Dec 2019

Award as Recognition of Work Performance 2019

Salemba, Jakarta —National Library of Republic of Indonesia held mass exercise as well as presenting awards to several work units within National Library. The awarding of outstanding work units was carried out in order to improve work performance, work motivation, employee discipline, and develop the exemplary attitude of State Civil Apparatus (ASN) within National Library and encourage the spirit to produce the best work for the nation and state.

One work unit that received the award was Deputy I of National Library of Indonesia as the best library in the world in providing scientific articles from IoS.

Morning exercise and award presentation were attended by all levels of National Library of Indonesia work unit, up to high officials of National Library. Director of National Library of Indonesia Muhammad Syarif Bando appealed to all National Library work units to do this exercise routinely and enthusiastically. "It is expected that not only this Friday which is lively and enthusiastic. But every Friday it is carried out with enthusiasm and will be crowded like this Friday," he hoped.

The excitement of the morning exercise was continued with a competition among work units of National Library of Indonesia and ended with gift presentation as an appreciation for staff’s excitement and enthusiasm in attending mass exercise on Friday morning.




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