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05 Dec 2019

Fostering Reading Fondness towards Smart and Advanced Indonesia

Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan – Today reading culture index is increasing, in which Banjarmasin Municpality is at the medium level. This happened due to the real support given by Mayor of Banjarmasin Ibnu Sina.

Development of libraries and fostering reading fondness towards smart and advanced Indonesia are efforts to strengthen literacy focusing on alleviating poverty through improvement of literacy for welfare.

Responding to that, Prime Secretary of National Library Sri Sumekar said "National Library of Indonesia grants Special Allocation Fund (DAK) to help local governments in developing reading culture. Therefore, library must move with the times," she added.

At the talk show with the theme Fostering Reading Fondness held at Himalaya Ballroom Hotel Banjarmasin International, on Thursday (5/12), Banjarmasin Mayor Ibnu Sina, said that library is a symbol of civilisation and should therefore be placed at the centre of the city.

In addition, to increase Banjarmasin community reading interest, Ibnu, planned to open a reading park at Taman Kamboja Green Open Space (RTH) and launch digital library with about 1,500 books in the near future.

From Indonesian Reading Ambassador Najwa Shihab’s perspective, Indonesia still has the biggest challenge, namely literacy. Literacy is indeed using all abilities to explore one's potential in understanding what is already known to improve the quality of life.

The love of reading itself should be obtained from family. Because of family, especially parents, children pay attention and imitate all the manners of behaving and speaking.

In this digital age, freedom of information must be accompanied by maturity in determining what is good and bad. And a good reader must have a broad mind, not easy to be provoked and not someone who is easy to judge.

"Successful readers are people who have the ability to find the right mindset and imagination. Don't close yourself to certain thoughts. Let's look for similarities amid differences," concluded Najwa.








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