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13 Dec 2019

Smart in Digital Literacy, Sorting Out Useful Information

Sekayu, Musi Banyuasin - The rapid flow of false information in the era of rapidly developing technology today can be held back through intelligence in digital literacy. Understanding digital literacy shows the ability to sort out useful and necessary or harmful information. Digital literacy skill is useful not only for personal life, but also in social life. This was conveyed by Deputy of Library Resources Development of National Library Woro Titi Haryanti at Musi Banyuasin Regency Digital Literacy Interactive Talk Show with Indonesian Reading Ambassador, Najwa Shihab, at Musi Banyuasin Regency Opproom, Sekayu, on Thursday (12/12/2019).

"Digital literacy can prevent us from legal cases. With our post on social media, without us knowing that we uploaded something silly, we did not careful and then we will be exposed to legal case. There have been many cases like this. Therefore, we must be smart. Because a lot of information is scattered about and we have to be good at choosing, which information we need," Deputy Woro said.

Even Deputy Woro assessed individuals who can process and understand information well will benefit. This useful information can be accessed digitally through library collections. "After we understand, we process the information or innovate to be our work. Then we disseminate the results. So, this is the positive side," she explained.

Najwa Shihab estimated the world's biggest challenge now is to ward off hoax circulation. In her opinion, hoax "infects" all circles, from various educational backgrounds. What is alarming is that approximately 65 percent of Indonesians believe in hoax. Therefore, Najwa emphasised the importance of awareness in receiving and processing information.

"Pay attention to the title, usually hoaxes are bombastic, for example “viralkan”, “sebarkan”. In addition, there are already many tools to check the information we receive. And the main key is to be sceptical, this is the term to question any information, even positive," " Mata Najwa” host explained.

Meanwhile, Musi Banyuasin Regent Dodi Reza Alex Noerdin stated that wisdom in digital literacy is necessary. Skills or abilities are required to process information sources from digital media including filtering, evaluating, and disseminating them. With the internet, citizens of the world are already connected to each other and hence a filter is required.

"Data from Indonesian Internet Service Providers Association says that now 50 percent of Indonesian population is connected to the internet. Of the 50 percent, 74 percent access it via gadget. And people at the age of 16-22 years are said to be checking gadgets, in a day can last for five hours. So, if there are features on the gadget that can access any content, then it must be filtered," he said.

Regent Dodi hopes that interest in reading continues to be nurtured from early age. So in the future there will be no low literacy rate. "I hope for head of service that this event does not stop here," he appealed. As for junior high school students' reading ambassador, Regent Dodi appealed to transmit his reading fondness to fellow students.

Musi Banyuasin Reading Mother Erini Mutia Yufada claimed not to worry about reading interest among students and youngsters. Based on her experience with her baby, Mutia saw that her child was comfortable reading if he already had a new book.

"My anxiety is not on how to improve interest in reading, but how to make sure children's readings fit their needs. So, what about this good reading interest, but the reading is suitable with their age," she explained. Therefore, this former news anchor invites parents and educators to be more sensitive in understanding children's behaviour when using communication tools.

In addition to the talk show, at the event 76 junior high school reading ambassadors of Musi Banyuasin Regency were inaugurated by Regent Dodi and i-Muba Digital Library application was launched.



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