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06 Dec 2019

National Library Launches “Ikon Peradaban dan Ilmu Pengetahuan”

Salemba, Jakarta - The advancement of a civilisation has determined a strategic institution called library. Library is a magnetic field for everyone, especially for scholars and educators. In the industrial era 4.0, the endurance of the community to read is increasingly being eroded by the progress of civilisation.

"Libraries over time will experience metamorphosis very quickly. However, after all library must be the frontline in developing civilisation towards a developed, large and prosperous society, " said Chairperson of National Bakohumas Widodo Muktiyo at the launch of “Perpustakaan Nasional: Ikon Peradaban dan Ilmu Pengetahuan”, Friday afternoon, (6/12).

At the present time the world is entering an era called millennial. It is the era in which many people are crammed with information and communication technology. Almost everyone has cell phone or smart phone. Almost all community activities and routine are not free from handheld technology. In fact, reading is also performed through mobile phones. "Even though reading through cell phone cannot last for a long time. Within 2-3 hours, eyes have turned red, " added Widodo.

Widodo, who also serves as Director General of Public Information and Communication at Ministry of Communication and Information, expressed his appreciation for the launch of “Ikon Peradaban dan Ilmu Pengetahuan”. In front of Bakohumas participants, Widodo asked all public relations of ministries/institutions to disseminate this important information. Every activity organised by ministries/institutions must have impact. "Don't let PR of private agencies win".

Meanwhile, Director of National Library Muhammad Syarif Bando reminded that current focus of development according to President's direction is, one of them, improving the quality of human resources. And library is the strategic place to create it. "There are two types of knowledge transfer, reading and vocation. These two programmes are the starting points of President's policy," Syarif Bando said.

Regardless of how every ministry/institution interprets President’s direction, what the public needs right now is availability of reading material. So, Bakohumas must be able to answer that it is not the low interest in reading but the lack of reading material. Ratio of the availability of books to residents is still less, 1: 5,000.

"There are three factors causing, namely gap between regions, equality, and suitability of the reading material needed. So, every region that has writers must know what is needed by the community,” continued the Director of National Library.

At the end of the launching, Director of National Library presented the book “Perpustakaan Nasional: Ikon Peradaban dan Ilmu Pengetahuan” to Chairperson of Bakohumas and Executive Director of Newspaper Publishing Union Asmono Wikan, and conducted soft launching of National Library Press Corner. The discussion session presented such speakers as, book author Maya Fransisca, Executive Director of SPS Asmono Wikan, and founder of Wellbeing Institute Jadi Suriadi.



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