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11 Dec 2019

Minimum Facility, Magelang Asked to Propose Library DAK

Salemba, Jakarta - Lack of facilities at library is one of reasons for Library and Archives Service Office (Dispursip) of Magelang visited National Library.

"As a matter of fact, the number of community visit reaches no less than 500 per person every day. However, we feel that the facilities owned by Magelang library are inadequate," Isa Ashari explained. In addition, the limitation of human resources, mobile library car, is one of factors that makes library’s role less maximum. "We hope that National Library can help us facing the difficulties and obstacles," added Isa.

Responding to complaints filed by Magelang Library, Head of Education and Training Centre of National Library of Indonesia Widiyanto said that National Library is ready to help. "The solution we provide, namely through Special Allocation Fund (DAK) in the field of library, is given to all regions that submit the proposal according to the mechanism regulated by central government. Later all requests from the regions will be assessed by a team that has been formed by National Library," explained Widiyanto.

Hearing this explanation, Magelang Library and Archives Office was ready to meet the requirements and submit proposals to create an adequate library service building.

Meanwhile, Deputy of Library Resources Development of National Library of Indonesia Woro Titi Haryanti added that the intention to expand library service space must be approved and supported by the Mayor. "Ask Mayor for the commitment," explained Woro.

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