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18 Dec 2019

Study on the Effectiveness of Deconcentration Fund and Library Development Assistance

Petojo, Jakarta - To find out the effectiveness of deconcentration fund use in strengthening regional libraries to comply with national library standards, National Library held a study on the effectiveness of deconcentration and library development assistance, Wednesday (12/18) at Merlynn Park Hotel, Jakarta.

Head of Legal Affairs and Planning Bureau, Joko Santoso said, National Library acts as patron of all types of libraries. One of them is through deconcentration fund and assistance implemented in 34 regional libraries at provincial level.

"The coaching carried out is how to strengthen libraries in the regions in accordance with national library standards. This deconcentration funds has started since 2015 until 2019, "he said.

It was explained that in addition to deconstration fund there is also stimulant assistance for regions in improving library services. Such assistance as library material assistance are distributed to Islamic boarding schools, villages/kelurahans as many as 21,281 packages, correctional institutions (prisons) as many as 337 packages, as many as 300 packages for 3T (backward, frontier, outermost) areas, as many as 720 packages for community.

"We hope the utilisation of this assistance can be optimal for library services. And this study can provide improvement and development according to community needs," he explained.

The Iconesia Survey Institute, Suhermin, explained, in this study he took samples of library managers in 34 provinces, using research instrument in the form of questionnaire.

"From this research, it can be found that there are obstacles in the implementation of deconcentration fund, one of which is delayed administration due to change of leadership and budget constraints. From this study there are a number of recommendations, such as increasing the budget and allocating the budget precisely to the target or community’s need, "he explained.

Meanwhile, Director of National Library, Muhammad Syarif Bando said, deconcentration fund helped the realisation of National Library’s function as network library.

"From this study, it can be used in planning, and improving coordination with regional libraries. It is expected that deconcentration fund can encourage improvement in library services, for example in terms of infrastructure and collection facility," he said.




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