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30 Dec 2019

Attending Literacy Workshop, Director of National Library Aprreciates Magetan Regency for Publishing 450 Books by Locals

Magetan, East Java – Director of National Library Muhammad Syarif Bando gave his appreciation to Regent of Magetan Suprawoto for his success in inviting the public to be keen to write. This was revealed by Syarif Bando while attending Literacy Workshop and Launching of books written by Magetan community. No less than 450 books about Magetan local content written by 328 authors were exhibited at Surya Graha Pendopo on Monday (30/12).

This is in line with what has always been conveyed repeatedly by Director of National Library so that Regional Government, Governor, Regent, or Mayor multiply the writing of local content books containing history, customs, and various potential natural and human resources in the region concerned.

The local content will then become part of library collection in the region which completes public collections from various other fields of science. "That way children are not only intellectually intelligent but also become individuals who are not uprooted from cultural roots, and have the ability to cultivate and develop the potential of their regions," said Syarif Bando.

Strategic understanding of the region’s potential in the future will encourage the community to manage the potential of surrounding environment. "Our weaknesses are many school children are smart in class, but they are not familiar with the strategic environment in which they live and only become spectators when their homeland is exploited by foreign investors; contrary to President Jokowi's direction to ensure the management of Indonesia's natural resources to be carried out by nation's own children, "Syarif Bando added.

On the same occasion, Director of National Library also handed over a unit of mobile library car to Public Library of Magetan Regency. This mobile library service is believed to be able to support information and knowledge need of the community.

Magetan Regent Suprawoto on his occasion also revealed the importance of library as the rights of all communities as a means of improving quality of life. "Therefore, we build a public library so that it can be easily accessed by anyone," he added.

The regent believes that the increase of reading fondness will have an impact on improving literacy skill in Magetan. Therefore, he plans to develop a number of public spaces with facilities that can support writers.

"I hope to bring Magetan Regency into literacy tourist destination. So, everyone who visits Magetan will get inspiration that can be realised in writing," he said.

In addition to inaugurating Public Library Building, Director of National Library also appointed Magetan Regent’s wife Titik Sudarti as Mother Litercay of Magetan Regency for the period 2019-2024.




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