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21 Nov 2019

Bogor City DPRD Initiates the Preparation of a Library Regional Regulation Draft

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta - Director of the National Library, Muhammad Syarif Bando, received a visit from the Library Special Committee (Pansus) of Bogor City DPRD on Thursday (11/21). Bogor City DPRD plans to form a Regional Regulation Draft (Raperda) on library management in Bogor City.

The regional regulation draft that will be compiled includes the management of collections, the acculturation of reading fondness and the preparation of library budgets. 

"We have prepared a library construction in 2020 which has been budgeted this year. However, we still need input and information on how to budget maintenance, collection maintenance, and human resource needs. So that we have no difficulty when compiling library budget needs in 2021," said Chairman of the Special Committee for Library Raperda, Fajar Aria Sugiarto.

Responding to this, Director of the National Library said that there were at least nine laws that underlie the preparation of library regional regulation. Not only Law No. 43 of 2007 concerning library, but also the legal basis in which every local government is now required to establish libraries including facilities and infrastructure, budgetary needs and last but not least is the availability of librarians. 

Many libraries that were eventually abandoned by users because they only struggled to manage their collections. Without ever thinking and discussing the process of delivering knowledge information or Knowledge Transfer.

"Librarians must now move with the public. The paradigm has changed. Library must be close to the public. The role of social inclusion that the library plays will be able to increase the public welfare," explained Muhammad Syarif Bando.

Syarif Bando further explained that synergy in social inclusion can multiply the space of synergy.

Reporter and photographer: Raden Radityo


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