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19 Nov 2019

Director of the National Library Muhammad Syarif Bando Describes Work Programs in Front of the Commission X DPR members for 2019-2024 Period

Senayan, Jakarta - The National Library held its first Hearing Meeting (RDP) with elected Members of DPR for 2019-2024 period, namely the Commission X DPR, Tuesday, (19/11). The RDP was attended in person by Director of the National Library Muhammad Syarif Bando and all structural ranks of the main high-ranking officials, senior librarians, high ranking officials, administrator officials and supervisors involved in National Library. The meeting agenda is about introductions, work programs of the National Library and others.

The RDP, which was attended by 40 of 53 members of Commission X, was led by Syaiful Huda (PKB Faction) and other leaders of the Commission X DPR RI, Agustina Wilujeng Pramestuti (PDI Perjuangan Faction), Hetifah Sjaifudian (Golkar Faction), Dede Yusuf Macan (Demokrat Faction), Abdul Fikri Faqih (PKS Faction). The meeting was started by an introduction from the Chairperson of the Meeting, followed by a presentation from the Director of National Library, and accommodating questions, suggestions from Commission X DPR RI Members. In the RDP, a number of conclusions were obtained, including:

  1. Commission X DPR RI appreciates the presentation delivered by Director of National Library, as part of the results of the Commission X DPR RI Hearing Meeting.
  1. With regard to the exposure of National Library, Commission X DPR RI provides inputs and notes as follow:
  • Availability of complete reading material in remote areas must be the priority program/activity of the National Library.
  • Encourage National Library to coordinate with Ministry of Education and Culture in providing reading material in each Education unit in accordance with laws regulations and creating a curriculum that encourages public reading interest.
  • Increament in the number of library infrastructure to expand library access in regions.
  • Improvement of library services in the context of information access in the regions both outside the network and in the network (online) in order to create a reading culture.
  • The need to establish National Library as a tourist destination, become a center of study and information on Indonesian culture.
  • Encourages National Library to carry out the deposit function optimally, so that the National Library is expected to become a database, information and manuscripts as well as the local wisdom of archipelago to build national identity.
  • In the context of library institutional strengthening, the National Library must actively coordinate with other relevant Ministries or Institutions.
  • Encourages National Library to strategize in accelerating the fulfilment of quality library human resources (librarians).
  • Encourages National Library to arrange strategic steps in accelerating the problem solving of library access through priority programs and increase its budget.

Reporter: Arwan Subakti

Photographer: Ahmad Kemal Nasution

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