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15 Nov 2019

National Library and Indonesian Reading Ambassador Synergized to Support NTB in Increasing Digital Literacy

Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara - Synergy continues between the National Library and the Indonesian Reading Ambassador (DBI) Najwa Shihab in transmitting reading fondness virus to the public. This time, DBI visited West Nusa Tenggara (NTB). In facing the development of Industrial Era 4.0, knowledge gained through reading is very important, especially ones related to digital literacy. 

National Library Deputy of Library Resources Development, Woro Titi Haryanti, stated that digital literacy is an attitude in the use of digital technology and communication tools. "Digital literacy can also provide insights to public in accessing, creating, and managing information then utilizing it wisely and intelligently," Woro said when giving a speech at Graha Bhakti Praja Building in West Nusa Tenggara Province Reading Fondness Culture talkshow, Friday (11/15).

Woro hopes that libraries can contribute to educate public about the importance of digital literacy. "So that public can have a solution to deal with hoax information and hate speeches," she explained. 

Meanwhile, Reading Ambassador Najwa Shihab invites public to become a generation that loves science and books. "People who love science will take time to read," Najwa said. She also admitted that the movement to foster reading fondness for public is not easy to do. Therefore, she hopes that the synergy of various parties will continue to be strengthened throughout Indonesia.

NTB provincial secretary Iswandi appreciated the presence of National Library and Indonesian Reading Ambassador who could bring good influence to the people to be fonder of reading. He considered that reading habits had to be instilled early on as he claimed there were something missing when he hasn't read.

He hoped that activity like this could be carried out more often throughout the province. "This kind of reading fondness civilizing activity also supports the realization of the mission of NTB healthy and smart," he added. 

Reporter: Eka Purniawati/Agus Djoko

Photographer: Ahmad Kemal Nasution

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