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14 Nov 2019

Bengkulu Province Asked to Pay Attention on Three Main Components of Library Development

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta - Library should no longer function to keep books, nor just a guardian of knowledge, but already has to act as a knowledge transfer. Sharing knowledge to public so that it can be used to improve life welfare.

This was revealed by the Director of National Library Muhammad Syarif Bando when receiving a work visit from Commission IV DPRD of Bengkulu Province on Thursday (11/14).

The work visit of Bengkulu Provincial DPRD is related to consultation and coordination regarding state budget of 2020 program.

"The old education paradigm must be changed to a new one, a diploma is no longer needed but skills and abilities to be able to contribute.

"Every library institution must be able to educate the public about natural resources management so that it does not become a social burden," added Director of the National Library in front of Commission IV DPRD Bengkulu.

On this visit, DPRD of Bengkulu also questioned the Bengkulu Province library's Special Allocation Funds (DAK) for 2020.

Indeed, Bengkulu library service office has proposed to expand the provincial library building, Kaur Regency, South Bengkulu, and Rejang Lebong Regency. In addition to ICT and collection assistance.

"So, the total for Bengkulu Province is more or less 10 billion," answered Director of the National Library.

On the occasion, Director of National Library also gave a proposal related to the draft in APBD. There are at least three main components that must be financed. "First, the development of libraries that include institutions, human resources, infrastructure, and collections. Second, the importance of a reading culture, starting from members of Parliament, figures, writers and so forth. And the third is preserving ancient manuscripts, for example the location of Bung Karno's disposal in Bengkulu which is poorly maintained," he said.

Reporter: Astried Merdekawati Tri Hastanti

Photographer: Raden Radityo

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