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14 Nov 2019

ISBN 2019 Talkshow: Building the Effectiveness of ISBN Service for Faster and Quality Validation

Salemba, Jakarta - International Standard Book Number or ISBN is a unique book identification code. Information about title, publisher, and publisher group is included in ISBN. ISBN consists of 13 digits in a series of numbers as an identifier for a book title published by the publisher. Each book has a different ISBN number issued.

ISBN is provided by the International Agency for ISBNs based in London, England. "In Indonesia, National Library (Perpusnas) is the ISBN National Agency that has the right and authority to provide ISBNs to all publishers in Indonesia," explained Head of Directorate of the Library Resources Deposit Nurcahyono during ISBN 2019 Talkshow in Salemba, Thursday (11/14).

In addition, National Library also has a function to provide information, guidance, and application of ISBN inclusion.

ISBN 2019 Talkshow raised the theme "Building the Effectiveness of ISBN Service for Faster and Quality Validation". ISBN Talkshow is held to create synergy between National Library and publishers.

A number of special benefits with the issuance of ISBN, namely providing identity to a book title published by a publisher, help to smooth the flow of book distribution because it can prevent errors in ordering books, and as a promotional medium for publishers.

According to Book Law No. 3 of 2017 it is stated that every book published must have an ISBN. And the National Library is an agency designated for ISBN service.

Since 2017, the ISBN service system has been created online. "So far, the time needed to process ISBN is five days. At the moment we are trying to accelerate the process to three even one day," added Nurcahyono.

Reporter: Basma Sartika

Photographer: Raden Radityo

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