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13 Nov 2019

Southeast Sulawesi Plans to Build a Modern Library

Salemba, Jakarta - Commission IV DPRD of Southeast Sulawesi Province do a work visit to National Library on Wednesday (13/11). This work visit was carried out to find out the standards of modern library, this led to the strategic plans of the local government in improving the quality and international standard library system.

Chairperson of Commission IV DPRD of Southeast Sulawesi Province, La Ode Frebi Rifai said that the construction of the library in 2020 became one of the mega projects of Southeast Sulawesi provincial government. With this modern library construction plan as a form of commitment from provincial government in increasing reading interest in local people.

"There are three mega projects of Southeast Sulawesi provincial government that will be carried out in 2020, including the infrastructure construction of road, heart hospital, and international standard library. For that reason, we came to ask for directions from National Library at the same time to see what modern library standards are," he said.

Responding to the plan, Head of Directorate of Library Material Deposit, Nurcahyono, appreciated the enthusiasm of Southeast Sulawesi government to build a modern library with international standard. However, the condition of libraries in Southeast Sulawesi Province is still far compared to libraries in other regions.

"From 23 libraries that applied for accreditation, 17 of them are accredited. This needs encouragement and support from the local DPRD so that all libraries in Southeast Sulawesi can be accredited," he said.

Nurcahyono explained, there are six standards needed to meet national library standards. Among them, collections, services, facilities and infrastructure, human resources, management and creativity in managing libraries standards.

Reporter: Wara Merdekawati

Photographer: Raden Radityo


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