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22 Oct 2019

Director of National Library: Master the Rules and Thorough in Drafting Work Plan (Renja)

Senen, Jakarta - One of the fundamental problems in Indonesia, especially in regions, is the limited ability to present quality and appropriate budget documents. There must be no activities when there are no working papers. A good presentation of working papers makes it easy for auditors to check in the future.

This was confirmed by the Director of National Library Muhammad Syarif Bando in front of the receiving Special Allocation Funds (DAK) regions in Education Work Plan Preparation of Library Subdivision for 2020 in Jakarta on Tuesday (10/22). In 2020, 173 regencies/cities from 33 provinces are scheduled to receive DAK with a total of IDR 450 billion. DAK assistance received by the regions includes building construction, expansion and renovation of library service facilities, furniture, ICT, and library material (collections).

"Master the rules. Work with enthusiasm and quality. Don't forget to always be thorough in order to avoid auditing by auditors or NGOs," said Director of National Library.  

Furthermore, the Director of National Library appealed that all libraries in regions continue to play even the slightest role. Show with commitment so that there are positive benefits that can be felt by public. Roles that were considered small will eventually accumulate. "It will be seen later the correlation of library with welfare in public. That means, being able to change from what was originally underestimated to be seen with the whole eye," Syarif Bando added.

The paradigm of library continues to change with the times and technology. Technology makes it easy, but books remain an important force in efforts to foster public love for reading and literacy. "Again, it is not the reading interest which is low but the lack of readable reading material. The library must come over. No longer just visited," he said.

Reporter and photographer : Hartoyo Darmawan

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