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17 Oct 2019

Seminar on Building Literacy Culture in Pamekasan Regency - Without Knowledge Impossible to Create Civilization

Pamekasan, East Java - The library paradigm is no longer static, waiting for visitors to come as it was in the 17th century. Libraries in the current era are libraries that are capable to manage knowledge. The IFLA (International Federation of Library Associations) Manifesto explains that there is no other bench besides public library for anyone who does not complete the education.

In some areas the role of libraries has proven to be able to bring change in public, especially for marginal societies. Transformation of libraries based on social inclusion through the availability of applied sciences (soft skills) collection encourages better level of public welfare. "Libraries are no longer visited but must visit, and provide assistance so that the process of knowledge transfer could happen," added Director of National Library Muhammad Syarif Bando as a guest speaker at Seminar on Building Literacy Culture Through Transformation Services Based on Social Inclusion and Inauguration of Mother Literacy of Pamekasan Regency, Thursday (10/17).

Specifically, Director of National Library highlighted that in the industrial era 4.0 the ability of leadership, collaboration, innovation and creativity is needed so reading becomes the keyword. Reading activeness brings someone to be professional and do not fixated on technological sophistication but unable to utilize it. "Even on mobile phones, knowledge can be obtained if you are smart to use it. Because digital books can be easily obtained through mobile phones," continued Director of National Library.

Related to literacy, Director of National Library emphasized that literacy is not just knowing letters and can spell, arranging word for word into sentences. But must be able to generate new ideas. All elements, including the legislative and executive must fight and synergized. National Library is ready to help Pamekasan Regency become the Great Pamekasan according to its current slogan.

In line with this, Pamekasan Regent Deputy Raja'e confirmed that reading ability must be possessed by every developing nation. The great future goal of Pamekasan should not just be a slogan. This is a shared future goal, and a future perspective. Pamekasan natural resources are sufficient to meet the quality standards of education.

"Without knowledge it is impossible to create civilization," said the Regent Deputy.

East Java Province has no less than 26,000 libraries, and 3,000 of them are village libraries. With this amount, then what can be optimized by village libraries related to social inclusion program? Head of the East Java Library and Archives Service Office, Abdul Hamid, asked public to utilize the reading material. "We have a program of 30 thousand copies for each village library. And the majority are entrepreneur-based collections which are currently being intensified," explained Abdul Hamid.

On the same occasion, Director of National Library also provided assistance for one unit of a mobile library car, and inaugurated Nayla Hasanah as the Literacy Mother of Pamekasan Regency. The Literacy Mother who is also the wife of Pamekasan Regent is considered as a figure who is happy with reading and literacy world.

One of the breakthroughs she made was collaborating the Posyandu, PKK and village library programs.

Reporter and photographer: Hartoyo Darmawan


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