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15 Oct 2019

Emotion, Solution, Values, and Story Telling to Increase the Visit to Library

Sidenreng Rappang, South Sulawesi --- There are at least 4 things that can make library services visited by users. Those are emotion, solution, values, and story telling. That description was conveyed by the Rector of Muhammadiyah University Sidenreng Rappang Accultarion (UMS Rappang), Dr. Jamaluddin Ahmad on talkshow at National Library Reading Fondness Acculturation Safari which took place in the hall of UMS Rappang on Wednesday (10/15).

"Think of the library as a place that sells services, why it can sell, first is because of emotion, we must be able to take people's emotions," said Jamaluddin. "Second, we must be able to provide solutions. If I come to the library, what's the solution," he continued. "The third is values. If I come to the library, are there values that I get? If there isn't, why do I go to the library, and the last is story telling, use social media to sell the library so that there are people who buy it," he added.

Jamaluddin added that libraries and librarians must always spread and instill the value that science is a very important thing in life. "Those who have faith and knowledge will be elevated and there is no other way to increase knowledge other than reading," he said firmly.

The same thing was also conveyed by the Director of National Library of Indonesia, Muhammad Syarif Bando. According to him, libraries and librarians must be able to change the perspective of public so that the best inheritance that can be given to the next generation is not inheritance in the form of property, but in the form of science. This is the value that must be conveyed to the public. "Because the facts prove, many recipients of abundant wealth and throne end up being servants and slaves for not having knowledge. So if their commitment is to give an inheritance in the form of knowledge, people will read," said Syarif.

Other than that, in the Industrial Era 4.0, librarians must continue to read and learn in order to motivate people to read too. "You can't encourage others to read without us ourselves reading," he said.

Muhammad Syarif also criticized various studies that put Indonesia in the low rank in reading fondness. According to him, the problem is not on the reading fondness, but on access to the available reading materials. This is again due to the wrong perspective at people's life priorities. "This is not because of economic adequacy, but because of perception. It is far more important to buy consumer goods to children than to buy books. We are ashamed that our children don't have mobile phones or motorbikes, but we are never ashamed if our children never read," he said. "So this is a matter of culture, perception and policy," he added. 

Reading Fondness Acculturation Safari in Sidenreng Rappang Regency or often known as Sidrap takes the theme: Librarians Work to Create a Library Based on Social Inclusion in the Context of Improving Public Welfare. Present at least 300 Participants from various elements of the library sector stakeholders, such as lecturers, library managers, educators, and students. The event was opened by Regional Secretary of Sidrap Regency, Sudirman Bungin, who represented the Regent who was unable to attend. Talkshow speakers besides the Rector of UMS Rappang and the Director of National Library were the Head of South Sulawesi Province Library and Archives Service Office Institution, Mrs. Nilma and Secretary of Sidrap Regency Library and Archives Service Office, Wahida Alwi.

Reporter:  Radhitya Purnama dan Agus Djoko Suroso


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