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05 Nov 2019

Librarian DUPAK Compiling Workshop

Salemba, Jakarta - In order to improve the competence of librarians and there are still mistakes found made by them in compiling a List of Credit Score Submissions (DUPAK), the Indonesian Librarian Association (IPI) in collaboration with the National Library of Indonesia held a Workshop on Librarian DUPAK compiling, Tuesday (11/5).

Chairperson of IPI Professional Development, Education and Training Commission, Lucya Dhamayanti said, librarian is a profession and one of the functional positions which is functional librarian position. However, in compiling DUPAK, there are still many librarians who do not understand, this can be seen from the errors found.

"Through this workshop, it is expected to be able to equip participants gaining knowledge about functional position and also the list of credit score submissions or DUPAK. At the same time, it is to equalize the perception between librarians and prospective librarians with assessment team," she said.

Other speaker, Senior Librarian, Fathmi explained, the items of librarian activities whether skilled and expert were based on RB RI Decree No. 9 of 2014. Skilled librarians include, library management, library services, and librarian development.

"What needs to be considered by librarians is physical evidence to support the submission of DUPAK. This physical evidence includes, letter of assignment and letter of statement of activities carried out by the direct supervisor or the person who give the task. This physical evidence can be in printed or digital form, and must be the complete result of all work," he explained.

Meanwhile, Chairperson of PP-IPI, T. Syamsul Bahri said, based on Law no. 43 of 2007, librarian is someone who has competence obtained through librarian education and or training and has duties and responsibilities to carry out library management and services.

"The presence of IPI as a professional organization for librarians has a role in increasing the competence and career of librarians. We have made various efforts, including holding seminars and workshops. Like this workshop, which we hope can help librarians in compiling DUPAK," he said.

Reporter: Wara Merdekawati                                                                                      

Photographer: Ahmad Kemal Nasution / Basma Sartika

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