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29 Oct 2019

Higher Education, Supports National Ecosystem in Facing the Industrial Revolution 4.0

Salemba, Jakarta- Nowadays science and technology are developing very fast as a marker of industrial revolution 4.0. Higher education is believed to be a responsive reform reference organization in response to changing times. This was conveyed by Director of National Library Muhammad Syarif Bando when delivering his speech before the Open Senate Session of University of Azzahra TA 2019 Graduation in Salemba National Library Hall on Tuesday (10/29).

"We cannot isolate ourselves from developments and changes in the world today," said Syarif. According to him, digitization has given birth to surprising breakthroughs in various fields. Both economic, social, cultural, even national and international politics.

"To develop an advanced Indonesia, which able to adapt to all changes, we need superior human resources, and able to win global competition," he said. And innovation is the key to change. Therefore, new ways must be developed. Education curriculum and methods must be adjusted.

"I believe that higher education can become an organization that support national ecosystem in responding to changes in the industrial era 4.0," said Syarif. Therefore, he said it was important to foster and facilitate the activities of students and lecturers who could foster new creations.

Therefore, Syarif appealed for the importance of providing a library that could meet the needs of knowledge. "Librarians must also be able to repackage knowledge. And they must also be able to communicate that knowledge," concluded Syarif.

Reporter: Eka Purniawati

Photographer: Raden Radityo


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