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28 Oct 2019

Commemorating the 91st Youth Oath Day, National Library Employees Are Encouraged to Maintain Unity

Salemba, Jakarta - In commemoration of the 91st Youth Oath, National Library employees held a flag ceremony. This year, the theme is United We Move Forward. Director of National Library, Muhammad Syarif Bando, who acted as ceremony builder said this theme reaffirmed the pledge that the youth had built in 1928 in the Youth Oath. Syarif emphasized that only with unity, aspirations of the nation can be realized.

The Indonesian people were reminded to give high appreciation to the youth figure of 1928 who had declared the Youth Oath. The oath which was read at Indonesian Youth Congress 1928 was a pioneer of young people to realize Indonesian independence while maintaining the integrity of the unitary state of the Republic of Indonesia.

"The theme of United We Move Forward actually is intended for all elements of the nation, but for youth it becomes a necessity because in the hands of young people Indonesia can be more advanced. Youth for advanced Indonesia are young people who have character, capacity, innovation ability, high creativity, independent, inspiring and able to survive and superior in facing world competition," said Syarif Bando in the ceremony at Salemba National Library yard, Jl. Salemba Raya No. 28A, Jakarta, on Monday (10/28/2019).

The youth are expected to compete in positive terms. Not only competing at local level, Syarif Bando hopes that young Indonesian figures able to take part in international arena. "Youth is the future of the nation and country, youth are also hope for the world, Indonesian youth must be advance and dare to conquer the world, I hope in the future many young leaders will emerge worldwide," he explained while reading a speech from the Indonesian Youth and Sports Minister.

Young people are encouraged to change the world with determination and enthusiasm and are supported by science and technology. To achieve national unity, young people are asked not to be trapped in an attitude of primordialism. At present, said Syarif, the task of youth is to open views across walls of the present world in order to welcome a better future.

"O young people of Indonesia, the world is waiting for you, fight, give birth to ideas, determination and ideals, sacrifice and your struggle will never be in vain in changing the world," said Syarif Bando to ceremony participants. At the end of his speech, Syarif Bando asked young people to continue to be a torch of encouragement for the devotion of Indonesian youth in lifting the nation and beloved homeland on the world stage.

Reporter: Hanna Meinita

Photographer: Raden Radityo

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