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24 Oct 2019

South Bangka Regency Wants a Mobile Library Car, West Bangka is Ready to Build a Library Building

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta - In the absence of a library service building in its area, the Regional Parliament of South Bangka Regency expects assistance of a mobile library car (MPK). This effort is a commitment of the Regional Parliament of South Bangka Regency in increasing the reading fondness of local society.

This was conveyed by the Chairman of Commission 2 of Regional Parliament of South Bangka Regency, Dian Sersanawati in consultation and coordination related to assistance for libraries in the region, Thursday (10/24). Dian said that South Bangka Regency region consist of eight districts, two of which are island districts.

"The existence of library building is still in our imagination, one of the obstacles is because the budget is only 2 billion. Currently there is only a library office building which is still incorporated with the archives," she explained.

Dian said, South Bangka region already has one unit of mobile library car and she wants to ask for help from National Library related to the procurement of mobile library car. "Since there is no service building yet, we use mobile library car so that people can access books. Furthermore, the level of reading fondness here is still relatively low," she said.

Meanwhile, West Bangka Regency, which received the special allocation fund (DAK) in the library sector in 2020, said that they are ready to build a library service building. Member of Commission 1 of the Regional Parliament of West Bangka Regency, Rohadi, said that many ways had been done to improve reading fondness in his area. Among others by organizing the West Bangka Reading Festival, in collaboration with partners related to the study of reading interest and National Library.

"One of the obstacles we face is the development of village libraries. We already have 38 village libraries from 64 villages and 32 of them are active. Because of the Village Law, library is the village's authority, so that from mid-2017 until now there is no book assistance. We only accommodate the CSR activities of SOEs and third parties," he explained.

Responding to this, Deputy Library Resources Development, Woro Titi Haryanti reminded West Bangka to prepare the land, complete the documents, clarity of land ownership status. And asked South Bangka to submit a proposal related to the assistance of mobile library car.

"Libraries are not only about physical functions but also activities in the building. Forming superior human resources cannot be separated from the role of libraries that shape literacy. Literacy is not just reading, but how to understand the reading material contents, applying and producing something from what is read to improve the welfare of his life," she explained.

Library is not only a place to learn but also a place to share knowledge. "It is hoped that when building a building, the infrastructure is made as comfortable as possible, the content is easy to access and in high quality, and the librarians must be transformed to be creative and innovative. All of them require budget support, so we ask the Regional Parliament of South and West Bangka for their commitment in developing libraries. Because libraries are universities for life," Deputy 2 ordered.

Reporter: Wara Merdekawati

Photographer: Ahmad Kemal Nasution


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