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23 Oct 2019

Producing Excellent HR, National Library Organizes a Mobile Journalism Workshop

Jakarta - Improving the quality of human resources to produce excellent individuals is the nation's main needs today. Excellent HR will deliver Indonesia forward. To support this, National Library of Indonesia organized a Workshop on Utilization of National Library Services and Resources by Ministries/Institutions of Cooperation Partners.

Head of National Library's General Collection Service Division, Luthfiati Makarim, said that through this activity, National Library provides literacy education to public, especially information literacy. The workshop presented speakers who would share knowledge in utilizing devices to produce mobile journalism.

"This activity is intended for the entire society, and we are very happy because you have been present with us here. Together we will gain knowledge and contribute to make Indonesia better, more advanced and excellent," explained the woman who is familiarly called Ilus, in a speech at Kebon Sirih Millennium Hotel, Jakarta, on Wednesday (10/23/2019).

The workshop presenting experienced speakers in the world of video journalism, Riki Dhanu and Ismail Fahmi and moderator Agus Kustiwa. In his presentation in front of 100 participants, Riki Dhanu stated that the use of social media and internet using devices is a demand of the times. Therefore, all parties, including the state civil apparatus and government agencies must respond to this.

"My hope, participants can optimize their smartphones to produce contents that they can display on social media or YouTube because everyone actually has the goods, the problem is we don't want to try to optimize the potential of our smartphones," explained the journalist and founder of the Mojonesia channel.

The man who experienced in the world of journalism explained that there are three things that must be considered to produce a good mobile journalism. First, pay attention to autofocus. Before recording a video, make sure to lock the focus of the object to be recorded. "Basic tips in producing good work that people often miss. All smartphone default cameras are autofocus, well... during recording, the camera will continue to work, looking for the focus point. So, if we want to record the video, we must lock the focus. It's a simple thing that people often miss," he explained.

Next, make sure the lighting levels do not change during shooting. Finally, be brave and willing to try various applications, both camera and video editing applications. "So, from smartphone, we can produce professional-level videos, not coincidental videos that become viral in no time," he explained.

Ismail Fahmi reminded to identify ourselves or the institution that the video will be made. The man who works as a diplomat rate that self-recognition is very useful to produce creative and characteristic videos. "Creative and innovative. When creating content, it must be different from previous content, the flow is different. So just start," concluded the former TV journalist.

Reporter: Hanna Meinita

Photographer: Hartoyo Darmawan


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