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02 Sep 2019

National SD/MI Storytelling Competition 2019: Reading Diligently is the Key

Kemayoran, Jakarta - A total of 34 participants from each province showed off their ability at National SD/MI Storytelling Competition 2019 which was officially opened by Director of National Library Muhammad Syarif Bando on Monday afternoon (2/9). Activities held from September 2-5, is a routine agenda held by Perpusnas to improve fondness of reading as well as to strengthen the love of cultural work, ethnic groups through books.

"Stories from the regions always contain positive values that can be used as role model and guidance in everyday life," said Head of Library Development and Reading Interest Research Centre (P3MB), Deni Kurniadi, starting the welcome remarks.

Meanwhile, Director of Perpusnas said as the next generation of the nation, children must read diligently. Do not be affected by social media, drug temptation, or free sex. The picture of life in the next 25 years is what is read today. "Reading diligently is the key. Never be tired to learn and read," advised Director of Perpusnas.

Indonesia is a rich country. Today the Europeans quite dominate technology and civilisation. However, in the next 30 years Europe is predicted to be just a part of the past. Indonesia will play major role in the international world of potential demographic and natural wealth it possesses.

"And the existence of library is the symbol of advanced civilisation in a country. Library is the bridge of human knowledge in the past, present and future," added Syarif Bando.

The National SD/MI Storytelling Competition contested the prize of Rp 15 million for the first place. Rp 13.5 million for the second place, and Rp 10 million for the third place. In addition, Perpusnas also provided millions of rupiahs prize for contenders 1-3, favourite participants, and other finalists.



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