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03 Sep 2019

ASN Perpusnas Recruits Ready to Attend Diklatsar

Salemba, Jakarta- In order to prepare quality civil apparatus (ASN), every PNS Recruits (CPNS) must attend Basic Training Education (DIKLATSAR), including Perpusnas. A total of 330 Perpusnas CPNS attended Director of Perpusnas’ direction before attending Diklatsar, Tuesday (3/9).

In this occasion, Muhammad Syarif Bando conveyed the importance of becoming an ASN ready to answer the challenges of time. "Nowadays the world is very dynamic and rapidly changing. Perpusnas ASN must be ready to face changes. As an ASN we must always serve the communities and support the government in advancing and improving Indonesia," he explained. Syarif added everything that CPNS learned during Diklatsar can be useful to make Perpusnas more advanced.

Also present in this event, Deputy of Library Material Development and Information Service Ofy Sofyana. Ofy hoped Perpusnas CPNS are always disciplin during Diklatsar. Ofy emphasised that discipline is the element that will be assessed first in Diklatsar because it is useful to change their selves for the better. "To be a competent and professional employee, you must be disciplin and able to teamwork," he said.

Woro Titi Haryanti, Deputy of Library Resources added that all Perpusnas CPNS should always hone creativity. "I hope there will be new ideas and innovations from CPNS. Hopefully, Perpusnas will be more advanced in the future," added Woro.

A total of 330 Perpusnas CPNS would attend Diklatsar in Ciawi, West Java in cooperation with Ministry of Agriculture Management and Leadership Training.



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