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05 Sep 2019

Blogger, is not Merely Writing

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta-In the era of information disclosure and freedom of information, blogging becomes a fairly popular activity. Not only the author, but general public began to write blogs by utilising various platforms. However, a blogger is not merely writing, but one should also be the key information interpreter for the community.

This was revealed by Founder and Markom “Blogger Mungil” (BloMil), Kiki Handriyani, on Blogger and Writing Talkshow held by National Library in collaboration with “Blogger Mungil” Community (BloMil) at Perpusnas Expo 2019 event, Thursday (5/9).

"Everybody can write, but when writing on social media, one has to note the guidelines. Currently, there is an ITE Law set up and cannot be violated. Therefore, being a blogger is not merely writing," she said.

Kiki took an example, in presenting suggestion and emotion in polite and good manner. She thinks bloggers and writers are gatekeepers to convey information to society. "If bloggers or authors write mistakenly, it can have an impact on their readers. People receive information in diverse manners; the impact of which is that hoax news often disseminated. This hoax news appears due to lack of literacy. Literacy is not merely writing but also understanding what is read," she explained.

Kiki admitted, this blogging activity is increasingly popular. Many workers who are originally blogging as a side job, now it is becoming a full-time job.

"Blogger can be a promising profession. Many bloggers are currently publishing books. In addition, many corporates need cooperation with bloggers," she added.

Talkshow also presented such speakers as Todo Ricky (blogger), Slamet Riyanto (Operational Head of Republika Online), M Iqbal Damawi (author and blogger).



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