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05 Sep 2019

Nugra Jasadarma Pustaloka and Gemilang Perpusnas 2019: Recognition for Literacy Activists

Thamrin, Jakarta—Nugra Jasadarma Pustaloka is the greatest recognition given by National Library of Indonesia (Perpusnas) to the parties deemed have contributed greatly to the development of library, literacy and reading interest in the region.

Law on Library Number 43/2007 states that central and regional government award the people who successfully carrying out reading fondness movement.

The fostering of reading culture is a fundamental capital to improve the condition of human development index. Library is an enlightment media for intellectual development of society. Libraries arising from the wishes of community will make the activities in library go well. Community will also get added value.

"Nugra Jasadarma Pustaloka is not just a charter and a trophy, but community welfare as a real impact of literacy strengthening is the true award and trophy," mentioned Director of Perpusnas Muhammad Syarif Bando.

Nugra Jasadarma Pustaloka 2019 was given for the categories of library, story-telling, (SMA/SMK/MA) school library, village public library competitions, best achievement librarian, manuscript preserver, bureaucrat, public figure, community, journalist, mass media, and lifetime achievement.

Four Literacy Strengths

Special attention was given by Administrative Minister of State Apparatus and Bureaucracy Reform (PANRB) Syafruddin to literacy world in Indonesia. National Library as an Indonesian literacy leading sector is encouraged and fully supported to be adaptive to global change, especially in the era of Industrial Revolution 4.0.

Minister Syafruddin delivered four elements of literacy power before the Director of Perpusnas Muhammad Syarif Bando. "Library can combine four elements, namely centre of technology, centre of knowledge, centre of tourist destination, and centre of possibilities in the future. This is the power of library literacy," said Minister Syafruddin when he opened Gemilang Perpusnas RI 2019 ceremony.

In the future, libraries should be adaptive to absorb technology applications used to learn by the community. Research and information must also be updated to be flexible with contemporary elements.

This modern era enables libraries for data, information and knowledge collaboration cross- global. Minister Syafruddin asserted that library be more effective in providing itscollection online and providing virtual meeting facilities.

"Perpusnas as the main pillar of nation's literacy in the future, I am sure to do many leaps and innovations so that we do not fall behind," said Minister of Syafruddin, in an event also attended by reading ambassadors from regions all over Indonesia.

The former Wakapolri (Deputy of Police Chief) recounted his experience while visiting several modern libraries such as United Arab Emirates, Melbourne University library, Australia and Victoria University library in New Zealand. The three libraries have integrated information systems, research and provide its book collection online.

In his opinion, the three libraries have a magnificent infrastructure and apply online access to their book collections, researches and research results.  "So that every student can access wherever they are," added Minister Syafruddin.

Therefore, government supports every transformation effort made by National Library including through the implementation of Perpusnas Expo and Gemilang Perpusnas events in 2019.  "Government encourages library as the strongest base of quality development of high-competitiveness human resources for the future of Indonesia Gold 2045, for the advanced Indonesia," proclaimed Minister Syafruddin.

Gemilang Perpusnas

The evening of Nugra Jasadarma Pustaloka Award was packed in entertainment concept titled "Gemilang Perpusnas" held at Djakarta Theater Ballroom, on Thursday (5/9).

Present on the occasion, Minister of PAN-RB Syafruddin, Governor of South Sumatera, Governor  of West Java, Governor of South Kalimantan, regents and mayors, Indonesian Reading Ambassador Najwa Shihab, reading ambassadors from 34 provinces, professional organisations, and ibrary partners.

Present on the occasion, Minister of PAN-RB Syafruddin, Governor of South Sumatera, Governor  of West Java, Governor of South Kalimantan, regents and mayors, Indonesian Reading Ambassador Najwa Shihab, reading ambassadors from 34 provinces, professional organisations, and ibrary partners.

Director of Perpusnas Muhammad Syarif Bando said in the development of civilisation and national culture, library plays a central role in collecting, managing and preserving printed and recorded works, so that ideas, thoughts, experiences and knowledge in them can be forwarded for generations.

Meanwhile, Indonesian Reaading Ambassador Najwa Shihab expressed her pride towards librarian. Librarian, according to Nana, Najwa's familiar nickname, is not a person who is just in charge of stamping out books. Librarian is about humans linking the universe of information to their world. Librarians play a role in helping people's welfare with their main weapons, skills and abilities. “Book is just one aspect. However, the point is that librarian is the profession that connects the idea with humans," added Najwa.

Gemilang Perpusnas presented the performances from Anji, Kahitna, and Hanin Dhiya as well as anchored by Ersa Mayori and Indra Herlambang.

And, the following are the names of Nugra Jasadarma Pustaloka 2019 recipients:

Best book

  • Poetry Category
  1. Sosiawan Leak (“Buku Sajak Hoax”)
  • General election Field Category
  1. Luky Sandra Amelia (“Buku Evaluasi Pemilihan Presiden Langsung di Indonesia”)
  • Online Trading Field Category
  1. Rakhmat Makmur (“Buku Bisnis Online”)


Best Librarian Category

Rank I             : Anda Putri Winata (Yogyakarta)

Rank II            : Novita Dwi Anayati (East Java)

Rank III           : Dian Arya Susanti (West Java)


Village/Kelurahan Library Category

Cluster A

Rank I             : Sumber Ilmu Village Library

  Balecatur Village, Sleman Regency, Yogyakarta

Rank II            : KUCICA Library (Aku Cinta Membaca)

  Tulakan Village, Jepara Regency

Rank III           : Pagesangan People's Library

                      Pagesangan Village, Surabaya Municipality

  • Cluster B

Rank I             : Nagari Koto Baru Library

  West Pasaman Regency

Rank II            : Sumber Ilmu Library

  Marga Sakti Village, Musi Rawas Regency

Rank III           : Lestari Library

  Peninjauan Hill II Village, Seluma Regency

  • C Cluster

Rank I             : Rempung Village Library

  East Lombok Regency


Rank II            : Monotunggulian Library

  Mansamat Village, Banggai Kepulauan Regency

Rank III           : Kasih Ibu Library

  Humuth Village, Ambon Municipality


School Library category (SMA/SMK/MA)

Rank I             : SMK Labor Library fostered by FKIP UNRI, Pekanbaru (Riau)

Rank II            : SMAN 1 Jetis Library, Bantul Regency (Yogyakarta)

Rank III           : SMAN 5 Library Berau (East Kalimantan)


Public Official Category

  1. Governor of Bali, Dr. Ir. I Wayan Koster, MM
  2. Governor of West Java, Mochamad Ridwan Kamil, ST, M.U. D
  3. Governor of South Kalimantan, Sahbirin Noor, S. Sos, M. H
  4. Regent of Magelang, Zaenal Arifin, SIP
  5. Mayor of Padang Panjang, Fadly Amran, BBA
  6. Governor of South Sumatera, H. Herman Deru, SH, MM

Community Leader Category

  1. Noviar Marlina Gunawan, Reading Mother of Musi Rawas Regency (South Sumatera)
  2. Percha Leanpuri, Literacy Ambassador of South Sumatera

Community Category

  1. Fakhrul Roji, Indonesian Literacy Motivator (Pontianak, West Kalimantan)
  2. Rossy Nurhayati, Cancer Literacy and Survivor (Ciamis, West Java)
  3. Basmawati Haris, literacy activist (Bulukumba Regency, South Sulawesi)
  4. Warini Widodo, “Harapan” Literacy Community activist (Yogyakarta Municipality)

Mass Media Category

ANTARA Central Kalimantan


Journalist Category

Royce Wijaya (Suara Merdeka, Semarang, Central Java)


Manuscript Preserver Category

  • Institution
  1. Paseban Tri Panca Tunggal (West Java)
  2. Pegon community (East Java)
  • Individual
  1. Kms Andi Syarifuddin (South Sumatera)
  2. Abu Bakr (Suttan Usul Adat) (Lampung)
  3. Adji Raden Mohammad Bahcrul Hadie, SH, MBA (East Kalimantan)
  4. Ida I Dewa Gde Catra (Bali)
  5. Almujazi Mulku Zahari (South East Sulawesi)
  6. Eddy Pattisahusiwa (Negeri Siri Sori Islam King) (Maluku)


Story-telling (SD/MI) Contest Category

Rank I             : Sinna Resyadia (Aceh)

Rank II            : Abdul Aisy Abrisam (East Java)

Rank III           : Dhafin Favian Ashodiq (Yogyakarta)


Lifetime Achievement Category

J.N. B Tairas





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