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05 Sep 2019

Best Book Award 2019

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta- As a form of appreciation for the authors, National Library held Best Book Award 2019 at National Library Building on Jalan Medan Merdeka Selatan on Thursday (5/9). The best book award was given to authors whose books have been published.

"In 2019 there are 3 categories of themes for the selection of best books; namely field of poetry, online marketing, and general election," said Ofy Sofiana as Deputy of Library Material Development and Information Service.

Ofy added, she appreciated all those who supported the development of library to be even better. National Library also always strives to continuously increase the number of collections as source of information that suits the needs of community.

The following are the works that received Best Book Award 2019 in 2015-2019:

Poetry Field Category

1st place winner: Sajak Hoax by Sosiawan Leak

2nd place winner: Larik-Larik Dari Jurus Silat Cimande by Yana Risdiana

3rd place winner: Mencari Raden Saleh by Kurnia Effendi

1st contender: Mencari Jalan Mendaki by Iyut Fitra

2nd contender: Sonata Borobudur by Ewith Bahar

3rd contender: Ayat Sunyi Sehimpun Puisi by Emi Suy

General election Field Category

1st place winner: Evaluasi Pemilihan Presiden Langsung di Indonesia by Luky Sandra Amelia, et al.

2nd place winner: Pengawasan Pemilu Partisipatif by Gunawan Suswantoro

3rd place winner: Asesmen Partisipatif Pemilu 2014 Pilihan Model Evaluasi Pemilu di Indonesia by Kurniawan Zein et al.

1st contender: Pemilukada Asimetris Dalam Perspektif NKRI by Kurniawan Hastuti Dewi, et al.

2nd contender: Demokrasi Elektoral Bagian 2 by Pipir R. Kartawidjaja

3rd contender: Mengenal Demokrasi Dan Politik Untuk Pemula by Mouliza K.D.S, Khanif Idris

Online Marketing Category

1st place winner: Bisnis Online by Rakhmat Makmur

2nd place winner: The Power of Digital Marketing by GM Susanto

3rd place winner: Bisnis Online Revolution: 3 Langkah Mudah Bagaimana Memulai Bisnis Online Pertama by Iwan Kenrianto

1st contender: Six Nine Revolution: Bagaimana Internet Marketer Mendulang Sukses by Indra Permana

2nd contender: Marketing Digital: Solusi Bisnis Masa Kini dan Masa Depan by Vincent Didiek Aryanto, et al.

3rd contender: E-Commerce Menciptakan Daya Saing Melalui Teknologi by Rintho Rante Rerung

Congratulations to the winners and keep up the good work.



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