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09 Sep 2019

Wellbeing Methodology for Indonesian Research World which is in the State of “Confusion”

Medan Merdeka Selatan - Indonesian research world is currently in the state of “confusion”, as many recommendations from the research have only ended at the table without ever being used as basis for policy. This was conveyed by Dr. Jadi Suriadi at his presentation on Public Expose and Talk Show of Digital Public Research on the method of measuring Public Benefit Index (IKP) based on perception, participation, and community acceptability, Monday 9 September 2019. He also showed concern for the research used as a tool to support certain interest. In order to improve the current state of Indonesian research, Jadi offers a method of research on the side of public benefit itself.

A method of measuring Public Benefit Index (IKP) or wellbeing methodology is a technically supported research with digital technology to conduct data processing and survey directly to the public. The perspective of truth to be sought is truth based on benefit rate of the public itself. "The truth to be sought is the truth that benefits the public itself," said Jadi.

Public Benefit Index measurement is designed and planned using a mixed method between qualitative, quantitative, and participatory, by incorporating collective subjectivity elements of the participative of respondents in the assessment. "Identification, analysis and determination of number and type of variables of wellbeing benefit research object are required. Final result of benefit measurement is impact interpretation of the community that is expected to be numeric configuration which is then referred to as the Benefit Index of what is the object of research, "said Jadi.

Digital Public Research Public Expose and Talk Show contained general study materials about Wellbeing Methodology and pilot project studies that include IKP BPJS Kesehatan by Dr. Wahyu Sulistiadi, Healthy Living Pattern Index (IPHS) by Drg. Sri Rahayu, PhD, Selector Preference Index by Prof. Dr. Paisal Halim, and design of benefit index research of the national capital transfer by Dr. Asep Kususanto. The activity itself was cooperation between Wellbeing Institute, Universitas Indonesia Centre of Education and Community Services, and Universitas Indonesia.

The event held at Soekarman theatre National Library Service Facility, Jl. Medan Merdeka Selatan Number 11 is as series of Perpusnas Expo 2019 events which took place on 5-22 September 2019. The series of events were aimed at strengthening literacy for welfare through social inclusion-based library transformation. The entire series of events can be seen on www.perpusnas.go.id and Perpusnas social media.



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