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09 Sep 2019

Perpusnas Appreciates Samarinda Municipal’s Intention to Build Library

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta – The plan of national capital transfer to East Kalimantan was greeted with enthusiasm and joy by citizens and local government of East Kalimantan. East Kalimantan provincial government immediately designed and planned various infrastructure developments to accommodate the community complex necessities with new status as national capital. One of the things that caught the attention of local government is library building, considering the importance of its role in the development of quality human resources.

The attention and seriousness were demonstrated by Vice Governor of East Kalimantan Hadi Mulyadi along with his SKPD staff when they visited National Library, on Monday (9/9). On this occasion Vice Governor and his delegation consulted the plan to build Samarinda Municipal library that will be built on the land granted from provincial government.

Director of National Library Muhammad Syarif Bando appreciates the goodwill and is of opinion that today is a golden opportunity in the early reign of new Governor-Vice Governor to build the foundation of human resources development in East Kalimantan. "There are 12 laws that support library," said Syarif.

Nevertheless, according to Deputy of Library Resources Development Woro Titi Haryanti, there are important things that should be the concern of local government when building library, that is access to the location, because the library is built for general public use. "The important thing is that public access to the library is easy," Woro advised. Regarding other requirements in order to apply for special allocation funds (DAK), Woro also added, "Please complete the administrative documents requiements," added Woro.

During the visit, the Deputy Governor had the opportunity to visit service facilities at National Library Service Facility building.


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