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06 Sep 2019

Get to Know Coffee Beans Management

Get to Know Coffee Beans Management

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta - In the series of Perpusnas Expo 2019, National Library in collaboration with coffee community staged Coffee Literacy, discussing the management of coffee beans, Friday (6/9) on the 4th floor of National Library Service building.

Present as speaker, Eko Murdiyanto, one of coffee activists who shared the experience of managing coffee from upstream to downstream with participants present. Eko Murdiyanto said there are several types of coffee beans in Indonesia, such as robusta, arabica, liberica and derivative liberica that have smaller seeds of excelsa type. Arabica and robusta types are the most popular coffee beans.

In his opinion, there is a uniqueness of the type of coffee in Indonesia, one of them in Papua. "Coffee in Papua tastes like mint and orange, different from robusta type coffee that tends to be bitterer than arabica," said Eko, who is also a coffee farmer.

Meanwhile, Eko described liberica and excelsa coffee types which have sour and bitter tastes different from robusta and arabica. The shortcoming is, excelsa coffee beans’ flavour tends to change when brewed manually and given sugar, then the flavour will turn to be juicier.

As for coffee quality, Indonesia ranks 6 of the world's top 8 countries. "Because the best coffee is the coffee planted on active volcano," he concluded.

Meanwhile, the coffee literacy talk show and workshop were still ongoing until upcoming Monday, 9 September 2019.




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