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07 Sep 2019

Coffee Literacy: Cupping, Manual Brew & Espresso Based

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta – Coffee Literacy Talk Show and Workshop held in the occasion of Perpusnas EXPO entered its 2nd day on Saturday (7/9). This time the participants were taught some materials, among others Cupping, Manual Brew & Espresso Based.

Present as the speaker of this event was Adam Nurhakim. Adam is the owner of coffee shop "Bicara Kopi" which now has 2 branches. Previously Adam opened coffee shop with Food Truck concept.

"We departed from the desire to educate coffee connoisseur. That is our reason," he said.

Coffee that is not a native Indonesian plant, brought in by the Dutch during colonial period. However, Indonesia has become one of the best coffee producers in the world such as Gayo and Toraja. Before the coffee gets to the hands of consumers, it will go through cupping or be tasted a few times during its journey in the coffee industry.

One of the ways of enjoying coffee can be by manual brew method. As the name suggests manual brew is how to brew coffee without the use of espresso tools. The result of coffee brewing using high pressure is called espresso.

Adam hopes what he delivered in this event can enhance knowledge for coffee connoisseurs and anyone who wants to open a business in the culinary world of coffee.



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