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09 Sep 2019

Nuclear Science and Technology Discussion-Nuclear Advantages for Prosperity

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta – For most people when they heard the word ‘nuclear’ they imagined atomic bomb, missile, weapon of war or anything harmful to humans. Various negative effects arise when speaking of nuclear. However, on the other great side of it, nuclear energy is widely utilised for research in the field of food, health, industry, and environment. That is, nuclear power can also be utilised for the welfare of society.

The nuclear literacy is delivered by plant breeding expert from National Nuclear Energy Agency (BATAN) Ita Dwimahyani on 'Nuclear Science Literacy' discussion held at Perpusnas Soekarman theatre, Monday (9/9).  The discussion was held as a part of Perpusnas Expo 2019 event series. 

BATAN is an institution that is tasked to manipulate genetics to be better by utilising nuclear technology. Ita who is also BATAN senior researcher said the use of nuclear energy always put forward safety and security that is regulated in Nuclear Power Law. 

"For instance, it is utilised to increase genetic diversity in plant breeding programme to assemble new superior varieties. Or commonly used term is gamma-ray radiation," added Ita.

Meanwhile, according to another BATAN resource, Budi Prasetyo, there is a difference of electricity from nuclear energy and electricity from coal. "As for coal, the combustion will produce CO2 and seen from environment aspect, it is actually dirty. If using nuclear there will not be any soot at all and will be clean as well as has high standard for safety," he added.

With the development of technology, there are various kinds of nuclear related applications. Some of the applications acquired from nuclear are applications for to preserve food, speed up wounds, relieve pain for people with cancer, and gain weight for animals.



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